Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 12 - Ellington Field (KEFD) Houston, TX Overview EAA Chapter 12 is dedicated to the promotion of General Aviation, flying and homebuilding in the Greater Houston Area. Our chapter meets the first Tuesday of every month and our meeting location rotates around Houston.  To get the latest information on our upcoming meetings, please visit our Events page. Whats going on in Chapter 12! We are flying out to Mustang Island on the 19th. See the events page for more details. I think we still have a few chapter shirts  left so ask about them at the next meeting if you need one, or two, or three .... And get your stickers! We had a big presence at Wings Over Houston last year. In addition to our traditional static aircraft display and booth we were invited to participate in the airshow. Our goal is simply to prove that anyone, Even You!, can fly if they want to. Check out the members page to see some photos and a great video that Sarah put together. Way to go Dennis & Richard! You can see their beautiful birds on the members page, but each of them have earned rewards from the fruits of their labor. Stay tuned for more! Chapter 12 is in the middle of a growth spurt and we are active builders and pilots of many differant aircraft. You can be apart of this exciting time. Stop in at any of our meetings (see the Events page), shoot us an email (from the Contacts page), visit our facebook page, or even just click the Join Now link and jump right in. All you really need is an enthusiasm for Aviation ... and perhaps a chair since we are running out of room .. problems, problems, problems... Go back to the Home page Our Mission Goals Whats happening What we are building and flying How to reach us Member stuff
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